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Australia News – Getting a job and assessments

April 27, 2010

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Australia is coming out of the recession and there are jobs available. Today on a Australian job search website there are following number of vacancies for the trade mentioned in Perth alone:


Air Conditioning technicians-24,

Automotive trades-164,



Service Technicians=72.

All positions are full time positions.

“So what does that mean?” I hear you say.

Well the answer is simple:  If  you apply for a visa Under the General Skilled Migration scheme, it takes so long to get the visa (over a year) that by the time you start hunting for a job, there should be triple the number of jobs.

But and I repeat But. Almost all tradesmen have to do a skills assessment for the “work” visa and quite a few have to do Skills assessment and a trade test  for the GSM visas in Capetown.

So if you want to go, get yourself tested.Aus-migrant will guide you through this process. Contact us TODAY

Some news and views

Some good news about Australian lifestyle from the state of Victoria

Australian lifestyle lived here – Review of Aspendale, Victoria

Comments on the effect of migration on property prices

Migrants heat up the Australian property market — Aussie Blog

Australia is coming right, after the recession, with booming car sales

VFACTS March: Car Sales Up 25.2 Percent; A Confident Middle-Australia

For the ladies, some fashion news

Sacha Strebe: Australian Fashion Week dream comes true

Until next time

Get set up down under

With Aus-MIgrant

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